Friday, August 26, 2011

Political Grandstanding Strategies in the Philippines

May 2013 Senatorial and Local Election, no wonder that both the House of Senate and Congress is very busy exploiting the country's tri-media.

* From House Bill to House Probe - looping investigations, sarcasms along the process, locking someone to the Senate and mud slinging.

* Budget Hearing to House Inquiry - Is the price is right? Black Berry, chair, office supplies procurement and etc..

* Health Concerns Strategy - In order not to be grilled by the Blue Ribbon Committee of the House of Senate, all you have to do is to identify the weakest part of your body and declare it as a serious health problem. Have this so-called illness be checked abroad and stay there indefinitely hoping that you will have the sympathy of the masses in the near future.

* Riding the Global Issues Approach - To have great access to free advertisement, break the norms and make some absurd comments that will surely flare-up groups of people especially the activists so that they will burn your effigy while being covered by both international and local media. Example: Praise and defend the action of Gadaffy in Libya, promote divorce in the Philippines, legalize abortion and marijuana.

* Challenging Higher Authorities - This is one of the best tools to master if you want to be as famous as your target.

* Befriend and Marry a Showbiz Personality - This will surely put you into the lime light instantly.

* Exploit the "Kuryente" Effect - Let one of your allies spread rumors about you, orchestrate it and tip the issue to your advantage.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Resurrected Helicopters -Only in the Philippines

If there is one man that can give life to a machine then that would be no other than the Arroyo Clan. 

* 3-Raven44 Helicopters worth Php105 Million sold to Philippine National Police in 2009.

* Seller : Former First Gentleman Mike Arroyo husband of Representative Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo-Former President of the Republic

* Unit Status : -> Brand New - According to Mike Arroyo; -> Pre-owned according to the Pilot and other experts.

* Transaction Route : To cover-up the massive exploitation, the 3 helicopters were allegedly sold to Manila Aerospace Trading Corporation before it was sold to the end recipient - the Philippine National Police.

* Seeker of Truth : People of the Philippines and the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee of the Republic of the Philippines.

Controverted facts :
    1. Mike Arroyo and his clan has nothing to do with the helicopter transaction.
    2. Helicopters are not owned by any of the Arroyos.
    3. Helicopters are brand new and fully operational.

-- it is very unlikely that the government agency who are supposed to be one of the vanguard of transparency and one of the pillars of crime prevention is now the prime target of illegal transaction.. Well, PNP just follow orders especially if that order came from the husband of the President of the Republic.

Well done guys keep it up and hope your helicopters will deliver you to hell.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Philippine Dragon Boat Team vs. Azkals

Points of comparison : 

1. Philippine Azkals are good looking players and young as it is literally represented by the Younghusbands while the Philipppine Dragon Boat Team members belong to the typical pinoy beauty and are fairly born ahead of time- although not all. 

2. Azkals has Angel Locsin while Philippine Dragon Boat Team (PDB) has something that I don't know.

3. Azkals went on several media created hype before each game while PDB is concentrating on its century-old paddles fit for a hallowen. 

4. Azkals are financially and morally supported by celebrities and politicians while PDB is taking all the criticism and biases out there. 

5. Azkals engages and enjoyed several paid ads on TV while PDB finds it difficult to even be featured in an ordinary campus magazine. 

Now lets go to performance:

1. Azkals ranked 100+ in their chosen sport worldwide while PDB belongs to the top 10 globally. 

2. Azkals is a threat to Sri-Lanka while PDB is a real "pain" to the world's dragon boat racing teams. 

3. Azkals tends to ride the "SEX SCANDAL" issue to glorify themselves while PDB ride its own boat to give glory to the country. 

4. Azkals earn balls while PDB got golds. 

5. Azkals employs so many excuses while PDB endures and conquered a lot of worries. 

In sum, sports can not be won by simply smiling out there while endorsing Soy-sauce and Vinegar. The same way as gold medal can not be reached in sport by just linking yourselves to the Pinoy Celebrities. 

Let's face it, we are a bit carried away by the looks of the Azkals and are not equally concern to the face value of the intention of promoting the sport in our country.

Performance and achievement is what we are looking for, for no matter how great the shape of your face is, it will and cannot make a free kick for a goal.  

Azkals its time to set your priorities now if you want to excel in your chosen sport....
PDB Team, keep it up and continue giving honor to our country, we are proud of you.. 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Reproductive Health Bill

Is population really the cause of poverty?

How about government Corruption and Red-Tapes, are they not the reasons why Filipinos hardly experience a decent living?

Why government should give away millions of pesos just to buy CONDOMS?

Is condom more essential than FOOD?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tax Evaders?

I can no longer stomach those law makers that are at the same time tax evaders...
I hope that the government is serious enough in catching the big fish...
I hope that this is not just one of those political strategies to raise popularity and trust rating...
Put them in Jail and not on the front page of our country's leading news papers.

Let them pay NOW!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Only in the Philippines

Fact 1. Only in the Philippines that you will find distinguished Law Makers who are at    the same time Law Breakers.

Fact 2. Only in the Philippines that you will find a Burglar that will “RUN” first before stealing something.

Fact 3. Only in the Philippines that you can find CROCODILES riding an SUV with armed body guards.

Fact 4. If you steal something in the Philippines make it huge like hundred of millions for doing so will make you an instant celebrity. Steal a can of milk for your hungry baby and you will instantly languish in prison.

Fact 5. Only in the Philippines that when a person commits suicide, he is accorded with a hero’s burial in a cemetery intended primarily for national heroes.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ratings and All About Ratings!

Philippine Media :  The trust and popularity rating of President Noynoy Aquino is falling while his Vice-President Jejomar Binay is going up according to surveys.

 RATING – This is the most dreadful thing amongst media and politicians.

Remember the time when the two giant broadcasting networks of our country were filing cases against its other due to the alleged bias and baseless RATINGS?

Remember the time when the two known noon-time shows humiliate each other to the extent of throwing issues that were hitting below the belt?

Remember that everybody claims to be number one and nobody wants to be number 2 in all our tri-media?

Of course no one would like to be No. 2, not knowing that rank does not count instead performance is all that matters.

Even if your number 100th for that matter as long that you are doing your job fairly well then Ratings or Ranks have nothing to do neither with you nor to your great Job.

People let us NOT QUANTIFY our Performance after all, what’s the use of our ability if we are solely dependent on numbers?

In SUM Rating Dependent people are NOTHING but Insecure!